- Member of Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SOCAP)
- Member of HCPC

Michele has clinical experience in the use of the Fotona Class 4 Medical laser. It can be used to remove verrucae that have failed other types of treatment. The laser treatment is pain free as it is performed under local anaesthetic. Book an appointment for a free foot check so your verrucae can be assessed for size, depth and the best type of treatment. Michele will also walk you through the recovery time, and the dressings appointments you may need after treatment.

She uses the laser to treat fungal infections of the nail. If you have yellow, crumbly, deformed nails Michele can help you restore them to normal using the laser to kill the fungal infection. Book a free foot check so that she can assess your nails for the correct treatment.

Ingrown nails are very painful and can be persistent and difficult to treat. Michele is experienced in performing an emergency treatment under local anaesthetic to give pain relief and help the area heal up. If your nail keeps ingrowing she can surgically narrow your nail to prevent it growing in again.

You can book an appointment to see Michele by using our online booking system or by telephoning 020 7627 4901 where our reception will staff book your appointment.