Nadia Sin BSc (Honours) Podiatry

- Member of Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
- Member of Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SOCAP)

Nadra has clinical experience providing foot orthoses to correct poor posture and foot pains in Queen Mary’s hospital. She specialises in hand made foot orthoses made for individual patients problems because all feet are different and the attention to detail makes a difference in curing foot and legs pains associated with foot alignment. If you have previously had foot orthoses or wish to investigate your foot pains she is able to assess you with our specialised walkway which has sensors to pick up abnormal walking patterns that stress joints causing pain. Many muscle and joint pains can be resolved by simply re-educating your gait (the way you walk) using foot orthoses that are hand made to correct your specific abnormality.

Nadra is also experienced in the use of Class 3B laser therapy for heel pain, arthritic foot joints and trapped nerve syndromes.

Fitter Feet is a specialist centre for Verrucae removal and Nadia can use cryotherapy, topical chemicals or use our Fotona medical laser to remove your verrucae.

Nadia had a previous career in the City and has considerable experience with dealing with clients, she trained to become a podiatrist in order to provide caring treatments that make a difference in the lives of her patients.

In her spare time, Nadia enjoys cycling, hiking, swimming, reading and travelling.

You can book an appointment to see Nadia by using our online booking systems or by telephoning 02076274901 where our reception will staff book your appointment.