Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation


Your initial consultation lasts for 45 minutes.  During this time:

  • A medical history and history of your systems will be discussed.
  • A physical examination of your systematic structure will take place.
  • Your walking and or running style will be assessed in our gait laboratory. The laboratory has cameras to film the side, back and front views. The images are played in slow motion so that each joint can be assessed for normal function and movement. For example, a leg length discrepancy can be masked when standing, but is clearly apparent when walking.

We will post a gait report with recommendations to you.

Fitter Feet for Life has an X-ray machine so that, if indicated, an x-ray can be taken to assess bone pathology. The results are available within a few minutes. An MRI scan or Ultrasound scan can be arranged so that problems caused by muscle and tendon damage can be diagnosed and analysed.

The cost for this initial consultation is £130.  X–rays and other imaging are charged separately at standard fees.