Plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis usually causes pain in the heel, but the pain can radiate down through the arch too. If plantar fascia band becomes strained, it thickens and becomes inflamed and can start to pull away from the heel bone. This is why the heel hurts when you have plantar fasciitis. It is usually painful first thing in the morning and after your have been sitting still for a period of time.

What causes Plantar fasciitis?

It can be caused by running, it is sometimes called “Runner's heel.

It can be caused because the foot and leg bones are not well aligned. For example, if your ankle or arch rolls inwards, the plantar fascia can become strained. It can be worse if you are overweight.

There are other causes of plantar fasciitis, such as abnormal deposits of 'fibrous tissue' in the plantar fascia band.

Sometime the plantar fascia becomes so thickened it presses on nerves causing shooting pains or tingly numbness in the foot.

How is Plantar fasciitis treated?

Stretching the plantar fascia for 10 minutes every evening and 3 minutes before you get up in the morning can help. See our pictures to show you how to do this.

How does fitter feet for life treat plantar fasciitis?

  • We will film you walking to examine your leg and foot alignment. If poor alignment is the cause of your plantar fasciitis, then we will prescribe some foot orthoses to correct your gait. This will take the strain off the plantar fascia and help it get better.
  • We will teach to stretches for the plantar facia and the Achilles tendon. Generally the tighter they are the worse your pain is.
  • We can advise you on the best night splint for your plantar fasciitis.
  • We can administer a steroid injection which helps the pain and inflammation subside.
  • We have a Class 3 Cold laser to help your plantar fascia heal.
  • A surgical procedure can be performed if all other treatment has failed.

What should I do next?

Try the stretching and wear supportive shoes for two weeks. If you are not better after doing your stretches please phone and book a consultation for “Gait analysis.” we will examine you, film you walking and start your treatment. Click here to see more about gait analysis.

If you are a runner make sure your stretch and wear the correct running shoes. Have a look at our leaflet on how to choose the correct running shoes.