Fees, Charges and Cancellations*

Gait analysis initial consultation, with slow motion filmed analysis


Podiatric foot health treatments

£65     up to 30 minutes

Consultation for foot surgery


Consultation for foot pain


Ingrown nail treatment


Nail surgery, from




Laser fungal nail treatment

Initial assessment: Free of Charge

A nail sample will be removed and cultured to determine the infecting organism. The cost of this test is £20.

You will be provided with a quotation for treatment

Varrucae treatment

Initial assessment: Free of Charge

You will be provided with a quotation for treatment

Pressure plate gate analysis and one pair of hand-made foot orthoses


Second pair of hand made orthoses, ordered at the same time : £260

Additional pairs of orthoses, ordered at a later date : £320 / pair

Rush delivery fee for hand made orthoses : £45

About Hand Made Orthoses

This Fee includes:

  • Computer Pressure Plate Gait Analysis
  • Biomechancial evaluation of lower limbs. This will highlight abnormalities such as
    • Restricted joint movements of the Hip, Knee or foot
    • Over tight muscles and tendon
    • Weak muscle or tendon groups
  • A printed personal exercise programme, with easy to follow diagrams, for you to take home
  • One pair of hand made orthoses
  • A fitting appointment to check the fit of your hand made orthoses
  • A review of your orthoses after 6 weeks of use. It is important to review that your pelvic function is symmetrical when wearing your orthoses. Small adjustments can be made free of charge where necessary

Many of our hand made orthoses have a life time guarantee!
With recovering costs only.

Commercial Orthoses

£68 - £138

About Commercial Orthoses

This Fee includes:

  • One pair of Commercial Orthoses: These orthoses last about a year, and are sometimes called 'temporary orthoses'. They are not ‘hand made’ for you, but they are accommodated for you by heat moulding. They also have additional medical wedges that are added to custom your orthoses. They are tailored to treat your symptoms.
  • One Review appointment: Fitter Feet offer a free review appointment after four weeks of use. At this appointment your pelvic alignment will be reviewed to make sure your orthotic prescription allows normal symmetrical movement and that your legs are equal in length. Small adjustments can be made at this appointment if necessary with no further charge.


Private medical insurance

Most health schemes will cover Foot Surgery, non-surgical Podiatry consultations and chiropody treatments. Many health insurance companies will pay for the consultations for Gait analysis. During a Gait Analysis assessment, Fitter Feet will always include a physical examination, a slow motion recording of your gait from three directions and a pressure plate analysis. ( See our details on biomechanics and Gait analysis)

Fitter Feet is proud of our reception staff. Marcel, Nadira and Patricia can advise you how to make your insurance claim. Please call them with your policy number to hand and they will do their best to make sure you comply with your insurance policy requirements.

Most health insurers insist you contact them before making an appointment. Often they will ask for a GP referral letter to be sent prior to your first consultation. Some Insurance companies give you an authorization number so that we can send our invoices directly to them.

Otherwise, you can book an appointment directly with us, and we will provide you with a receipt for your treatment here to send to your insurers. Do check this is all right with your insurers first.

In some cases you may need to pay an excess on your insurance policy; we would strongly recommend that you consult your insurance policy prior to commencing treatment with us if you intend to claim your expenses.

Insurance Companies which usually provide cover

Please contact us if your insurance provider is not listed as it is likely that your treatment will be covered.

Links to other Medical Insurance Companies

*Fees are subject to change.  You will be advised of applicable fees when you phone for an appointment.

We maintain a fixed fee schedule for initial consultations and a number of treatment, but for surgical procedures and services provided by third parties, we need to fully determine what work is needed before the cost can be assessed.


We understand that circumstances change and you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment with us. We simply ask you to give a minimum of 24 hours and we will be happy to rearrange.
Any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be required to pay the full treatment cost (unless we can fill the slot).
To cancel an appointment, phone on 020 7627 4901, or email at info@fitterfeet.co.uk