Nail Infections

Fungal Nail Infection

What is Fungal Nail Infection?

Fungal nail infection is the most common nail complaint in the UK.

A fungal nail infection can be painful and many people find it an embarrassing and unsightly problem. Infections can cause nails to turn yellow, brown, orange or white.  They may become, thickened and scaly and, if left untreated, fungal nail infection can lead to the nail being lost altogether. Leaving a fungal nail infection untreated also means there is a risk of spreading it to other nails and other people, including family members.

Fungal nail infection is a recognised medical condition.

Fungal nail infection is sometimes referred to by its medical name onychomycosis, which is derived from the ancient Greek words onyx meaning nail and mykes meaning mushroom.

Of course, not everyone will know that their unsightly nails might be due to a medical problem. Some people are reluctant to get help for something that they think is just vanity, but which is in fact a medically recognised problem that needs early treatment.

Fitter Feet For Life can treat your fungal nail infection

Fitter Feet for Life offer treatments for nail fungal infection using a state of the art medical laser. This new technology has exceptional success rates curing fungal nail infections.

If you are not sure what is wrong with your nails, call us on 0207 627 4901 for a free consultation to discuss the treatment of your fungal nails.  A free diagnostic test will be performed: A small sample of your nail is removed and cultured to make a positive fungal diagnosis before treatment commences.