3D Printed Orthoses

New Advanced Technology

3D Printed Medical Foot Orthoses

Fitter Feet for life has always been a leader in new technology to treat foot pain and poor foot posture. It is now possible to print medical foot orthoses using a 3D printer. The benefits of this are many:

  • They are smaller than traditionally made orthoses but give the same support.
  • Smaller heel counter but keeps stability.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Dual flexibility to either reinforce and stiffen specific areas or increase flex.
  • Customisable arch reinforcements incorporated in the shell.
  • Personalised wedges and posts applied directly to the shell - no glue required, making them highly durable.
  • Many different custom options to accommodate even the more complex foot.
  • Eliminating manual manipulation decreases the risk of human error and increases precision in finishes.
  • Minimal waste unlike the more traditional methods of manufacture - which is good for the environment.
  • It is possible to have your name on the underside of your orthoses.
  • 5 Year guarantee on shells.
  • Top Cover: Customised to your specific needs
  • Mid Layer: Customised to your specific needs
  • Heel Post: Customised to your specific needs
  • Base Plate: Customised to your specific needs

Please book an appointment with your Podiatrist at Fitter Feet who can advise you regarding the suitability of these 3D printed medical foot orthoses for your individual needs.