Arthritis Research

Arthritis in the Big Toe Joint

Professor Shannon, from the La Trobe University, Australia , speaking at the Podiatry National conference in Bournemouth on 22 November presented the latest research about arthritis in the big toe joint.

Apparently one in six people over the age of 55 has arthritis in their feet, and one of the most common places to get arthritis is in the big toe joint.  Features seen on MRI scans of  arthritic big toe joints include bone marrow lesions, loss of cartilage as well as osteophytes restricting joint movement.

He said the key finding of his research was that the two main  factors correlating with foot  arthritis are increased BMI and performing physical jobs.

He also found that footwear that was too flexible caused more pain in arthritic joints.

Fitter feet for life can treat the pain of big toe joint arthritis

  • by changes the pressure to the joint when walking by providing foot othoses.
  • by Steroid injections to reduce the pain the the joint.
  • by performing Surgery to remove osteophytes, or joint replacements or fusions.

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