November 2022 Newsletter

November 2022 Newsletter

New Treatments Available

New Triple Therapy for fungal nails improving success rates

The treatment therapy uses Laser to the nails to destroy the adult hyphae fungal infection, an oral medicine to kill fungal infection in the root of the nail and topical cream and nail paints to prevent reinfection. For nails that have extensive fungal infection this combination therapy is more successful. Please ask for a free foot check so we can assess your nails before treatment starts.

New Verrucae treatment

For small verrucas less than 6 months old we have a new 'Verrutop' treatment. The chemical can be applied by healthcare professionals only. It is quickly absorbed in the skin and you can get it wet after 24 hours. Weekly applications work in 4-6 treatments generally. Large verruca that have been present a long time are best removed by laser treatment. Book a free foot check so we can advise you about treatment first and let you know which treatment will be best for your type of verrucae.

Christmas treatment Gifts

Many people suffer with sore feet and nails they cannot cut or treat. Your relatives may really appreciate a Christmas gift card (£55) for a chiropody treatment. Please call Nadira at Fitter Feet for Life reception and she will be happy to arrange this for you.