Ms Nur Ali has experience as a Podiatrist at some of the most senior levels, in 3 different continents. She makes me a great addition to our team of foot specialists at Fitter Feet for Life. Her experience over the past 9 years covers a wide variety of areas including general podiatry, diabetes, nail surgery, sports injuries and biomechanics.

She has experiences working including as a Band 7 Podiatrist at Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust in the UK and as Head of Podiatry at the internationally renowned Bauerfeind Polyclinic in the United Arab Emirates. She is equipped with the knowledge and skill set that will further improve the care available to our patients at Fitter Feet for Life.
She has also gained extensive experience working abroad as a Senior Podiatrist in Australia, and other regional locations in the UK, including Oxfordshire.

She has Developed a particular expertise in dealing with the diabetic foot: solely and within a multidisciplinary setting.

She has worked with a team of Orthopaedic Consultants at prestigious centres such as FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Dubai, with a particular focus on sports injuries and biomechanics, working national footballers, basketball players, competitive runners and more.